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Woman Arrested for Allegedly Killing Newborn in Assam

In Assam’s Biswanath district, a woman named Anowara Khatun has been arrested on charges of killing her newborn baby shortly after giving birth. The incident occurred in Bandor Jonghol village, where Khatun allegedly attempted to bury the baby near her residence. Alerted by neighbors who witnessed the act, the police intervened and rushed both the mother and the baby to the hospital.

Tragically, the baby was declared dead upon arrival. Authorities revealed that Khatun had given birth to the child on Thursday and subsequently ended her daughter’s life. She was reportedly bleeding heavily due to childbirth when apprehended. After receiving medical attention for a day, Khatun was taken into police custody. While a case has been registered and investigations are ongoing, the identity of the infant’s father remains unknown.