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WRD Challenges CPCL’s Claim on Flooding

The Water Resources Department (WRD) has refuted claims by the Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited (CPCL) regarding flooding at its Manali factory during Cyclone Michaung. According to WRD, the inundation was not due to discharge from the Poondi reservoir but rather because the CPCL premises sits at a lower elevation than the bund of Buckingham Canal.

This assertion contradicts CPCL’s statement about having a well-designed storm-water drain system that allegedly prevented flooding during the 2015 monsoon. WRD argues that CPCL’s failure to elevate operations above potential flood levels and its attempt to shift blame onto natural factors and the WRD itself are unacceptable. Moreover, WRD emphasizes the importance of preserving the natural ecosystem of Ennore Creek amidst industrial growth in the region.