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Yoga’s Global Influence and Societal Impact

Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted yoga’s growing global stature, emphasizing its role as a potent force for societal well-being during the 10th International Yoga Day event in Srinagar. He underscored yoga’s ability to anchor individuals in the present moment, unburdened by past concerns, fostering inner peace that radiates positive influence outward. PM Modi noted the expanding community of yoga practitioners worldwide, observing its integration into daily life across diverse cultures.

He lauded yoga’s transformative impact, from enhancing personal fitness and mental well-being to facilitating new avenues of employment. Highlighting its scientific basis, he discussed yoga’s efficacy in sharpening focus amid today’s information overload and its application in various sectors including defense, sports, and rehabilitation programs. Modi also celebrated yoga’s popularity in enhancing productivity among astronauts and inmates, affirming its positive effects on tourism in regions like Jammu and Kashmir through widespread adoption.