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Youth and Girl Incite Pet Pitbull to Attack Neighbor in Delhi Outskirts

A 20-year-old youth and a girl allegedly incited their pet pitbull to attack their neighbor on the outskirts of Delhi. The incident occurred in the Swaroop Nagar area, where the injured party was identified as 34-year-old Riya Devi. The police received information about the altercation on Friday and dispatched a team to the scene. Riya Devi was found admitted to BJRM Hospital, and a medico-legal case report indicated both physical assault and dog bites.

According to the complainant, she went to her neighbor’s house to address a dog defecation issue, and the neighbor incited their pitbull to attack her when she objected verbally. The incident, including the dog attack, was captured on the complainant’s CCTV camera. Video footage from a CCTV camera capturing the dog’s attack has circulated on social media.