After Samsung, Apple, Microsoft shows interest in foldable device

After Samsung and Apple, Microsoft seems to be inclined towards developing a foldable device, the media reported.

The software giant has filed a patent showing a device mechanism that allows a single display to be folded shut by a hinge from the inside of the device, web portal OnMSFT.com reported on Tuesday.

The electronic device comprises a body and flexible display stack both of which are involved in a movable connection via fastening areas and components.

According to the report, Microsoft does not explain any upcoming device in the patent but mentions that the folding display could be used in hand-held devices, laptops, wearable devices, and other consumer electronics.

“Microsoft is going as far as developing the new modular Windows Core OS which is designed for folding devices as well as the Surface Hub and HoloLens headset. Additionally, foldables could offer Microsoft a second change to rejoin the mobile phone business,” the report said.

A previously leaked patent has already indicated that Microsoft could be developing an upcoming foldable Surface device.

However, the new Microsoft patent is just a concept at present and could or could not enter the real-device world, the report noted.

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