Samsung Galaxy Tab S6- Performer to the core

The demand for tablets shrank considerably as the screens of our smartphones got bigger and better, leading tablets to reinvent themselves as devices that go beyond their traditional appeal. Today they want to be your home entertainment device, and even a portable PC when you are on the go.

Samsung’s flagship Galaxy Tab S6, launched in India for Rs 59,900, is a major addition to all those devices that have been striving to replace your heavy laptop with a much lighter multi-purpose device.

Portability, of course, is a major factor and the Tab S6 weighs just 420 grams. So if you hold it in your hands or place it on your lap for hours, you won’t really feel the weight. Samsung Dex immediately creates a desktop environment. But to get the PC-like experience, you will have to get hold of the keyboard cover and pay some extra cash.

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