The Difference Between Knowledge And Skills

Knowledge is information through sensory input: Reading, watching, listening, touching, feeling etc. The concept of knowledge means to familiarity with factual information and theoretical concepts. Knowledge can be received from one person to another or it can be self acquired through observation and study.
Skills refer to the ability to apply knowledge to specific situations. Skills will be get through practice, through a combination of sensory input and output. As an example, social skills are developed by observing, listening, and speaking with them. Trial and error is probably the best way to get skills mastery.
For simple, knowledge is theoretical and skills are practical. Know all the rules of a sport, all the teams and all players, statistics, but this only makes you knowledgeable about this sport; it does not make you any good at it. To be perfect at a sport you must play it, practice its techniques, and also improve your skills through experience. You do not need to know all the teams or players to practice a sport and you can easily learn rules as you play, through trial and error.
Same thing applies to a job: One can know a lot about a subject matter, but not have the skills required to apply that knowledge to the specific tasks, since knowledge don`t provide skills. However, developing skills provides some knowledge, as practicing those skills results will be sensory inputs. For an example, an aerospace engineer knows a lot about avionics and flight theory, but only this can not make him an aircraft pilot. In other end, an aircraft pilot only need a minimal level of knowledge about avionics and flight theory to fly the plane, and this knowledge will continue to raise as he gains experience flying a simulator or actual plane.