The power of social media

Social Media is one of the most powerful weapon in today’s world. After the introduction of Smartphones and with the help of social websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or snapchat, the world had a drastic change. Social websites are designed to connect people all over the world, as well as it has been wonderful platform for marketing. People from one country can see people from other country, talk with them, see their families. As well as these websites are used worldwide so, it s very easy to expand business and advertise the product. Only, Over age of 14, has the right to make accounts on these websites.
Not only connecting the families, social media has power much more than that. For example, if someone was being bullied by someone, they can share it on social media and the world stands by the person who’s being bullied and the other person has to stop there. Other than that, it someone met with an accident and you are unable to contact their family, you can share details of person online or if anyone’s medical condition require some specific sort of blood, social media can help to find donors in lesser time. Furthermore, if someone is going through difficult times and they share their story online, social media can act as charity as well as people from all across the world can help that person. Moreover, it is excellent platform to show art, people from different cultures of world gets connected to other cultures as the different dance forms, songs and various sort of acts are available on it. social media also gives a chance to earn, individual can make money by posting their pictures, videos on line and they get likes more than 10k, they will start getting paid for their content.
Although, social media is more like a blessing to everyone’s life, but it have some major drawbacks as well. There are few people who misuses the power and try to attempt crime. People make fake id’s on social media and trap innocents, hurt their feeling, sometimes try to get money from them giving false excuses. Whereas, some people make fake pages on social media and pretends as if they are selling something but takes money from innocents and run away. But, majorly, teens are getting affected from it. Just to become famous and be in limelight, they attempt to do stupid things and think most of the time about social media which takes away all the attention from studies as well as extra curricular activities.
It is one of the greatest opportunities we have, but we should be aware of the scams going on. Cyber cells are to control such crimes. If anyone feels trapped somewhere, they should contact cyber cell.