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GEM Hospital reveals the breakthrough usage of Apple Vision Pro in Surgical Procedures

In a groundbreaking development, Apple's latest innovation, the Vision Pro mixed reality headset, took center stage in the recent surgical procedures performed at GEM Hospital in Chennai and Coimbatore. GEM Hospital, India’s premier Gastroenterology, Laparoscopic and Robotic surgery hospital successfully completed 9 various surgeries already with the help of Apple Vision Pro (AVP) and the results are mind blowing.

Impressed with the features of "Apple Vision Pro", GEM team of doctors tested the product several times since the launch in Feb’24, before actually using it during a surgery. After numerous testing trials, GEM doctors felt the usage of Apple Vision Pro could revolutionize the medical field, and decided to use this product during a gall-bladder surgical procedure. While doing the surgery, there was absolutely no delay and the surgeon was always connected to the real world, could see and act normally, could use all instruments as usual and feel at ease.

Speaking about this latest development, Dr. C. Palanivelu, Founder & Chairman – GEM Hospitals said, “The objective of this demo session is to reveal a new perspective of this product to the medical community. We strongly believe that the use of Apple Vision Pro will improve the efficiency of a surgery and the headset has all the advanced features to become a necessary tool in an operation theatre. Through this session, I would like to urge the surgeons in the country to make use of this product for maximum precision”.

Commenting on the advantages of AVP while performing a surgery, Dr. P. Senthilnathan, Director – GEM Hospital Chennai said, “Normally, during surgery, the whole surgical team comprising operating surgeon, assistant surgeon, camera surgeon and nursing assistants has to use one laparoscopic monitor, everybody has to turn at different angle to see the monitor. Whereas, monitor size could be adjusted in AVP to the size and position to the convenience of the operating surgeon simply with eye and even, gloved hand gestures of the surgeon, while assistant surgeons and nursing team could use the regular laparoscopic monitor”.

“Another major advantage is ergonomics and surgeon comfort. Surgeon can move his/her head to any angle instead of a straight wooden posture in the case of lap monitor. Even in the case of robotic surgery, the surgeon has to bend and insert his head into the hood to operate”, Dr. Senthilnathan further added.

The man behind this breakthrough initiative, Dr. R. Parthasarathy, Surgical Gastroenterologist & COO – GEM Hospitals said, “AVP is 360 degree spatial computing and hence you can keep the view wherever you turn. The monitor goes along with surgeon, and there is no need for extra monitor. Besides, AVP serves as 3D, extra-large, zoomable monitor for CT/MRI images, and even these images could be kept on one side during complex and cancer surgeries for quick reference. AVP view could also be mirrored to TVs during surgery and show the surgeon’s view to the students/trainees”.

“When a surgeon faces an unexpected complex situation during the surgery, if he is using AVP, he could call an expert surgeon instantly from within AVP in FaceTime and show his view to the expert, get guidance and proceed with surgery in a few seconds”, he further added.