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Indigo to commence Direct Flights between Chennai and Durgapur, thrice weekly, from 16th May 2024

Chennai, May 9, 2024: Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport (Durgapur Airport) is pleased to announce the commencement of thrice weekly direct flights between Chennai and Durgapur, operated by Indigo, starting Thursday, 16th May 2024.
The introduction of direct flights between Chennai and Durgapur comes as a significant development for individuals seeking medical treatments in renowned hospitals in Chennai and Vellore. Patients and their families will now have convenient and efficient access to these medical facilities, reducing travel time and logistical challenges. This initiative underscores our commitment to facilitating seamless travel experiences, especially during crucial times of medical care and treatment.
Furthermore, students from the Durgapur-Asansol region, who pursue higher education in colleges and universities located in Chennai and surrounding cities, will greatly benefit from this direct air connectivity. The accessibility provided by these flights will not only enhance their educational pursuits but also foster cultural exchange and academic growth between regions.
Mr. Kailash Mandal, the Airport Director of Durgapur Airport, expressed his delight regarding the launch of this new route, stating, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of direct flights between Chennai and Durgapur, bridging the gap between these two dynamic cities. We are confident that this enhanced connectivity will be a game-changer for those who wish to reach Chennai and other cities of Southern India for Medical, Education, Business or Leisure, without the hassle of travelling all the way to Kolkata to board flights
The commencement of direct flights between Chennai and Durgapur marks a significant milestone for Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport (Durgapur Airport), which is already connected to most of the other major metro cities of India viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad.