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Nippon Paint showcases its revolutionary product Weatherbond PRO exterior emulsion

  • Launches an ad and 360 marketing campaign to highlight the exterior emulsion with up to 15 years Performance warranty
  • The revolutionary exterior emulsion provides superior water resistance and extreme durability to protect from extreme heat and rain


Chennai, July 20th 2021:Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division) Asia’s leading paint manufacturer today launched the advertising campaign for Weatherbond PRO – the high durable exterior emulsion offering up to 15 years of protection against extreme climate conditions like prolonged exposure to heat, and heavy spells of rain. Based on extensive research done by Nippon Paint’s R&D team, this product was developed for customers who need advance protection for their home exteriors in terms of extended fresh look, strong waterproofing and protection from Algal and Fungal attacks.

Link to the ad campaign:

Some of the key features of Weatherbond PRO are Extreme durability with up to 15 years performance warranty, Algal and Fungal resistance, Dirt pick-up resistance, low VOC and water-resistant film that gives a polished look for years to come. These high-performance features ensure that homes are protected from climatic incursions, which lead to chalking, flaking, dampness and mouldy surfaces. Weatherbond PRO provides good film integrity and excellent colour retention, which ensures that exterior walls stay beautiful for years to come. Weatherbond PRO is a pure acrylic elastomeric exterior paint, powered by fibres, which aid in crack bridging and protection from hairline cracks. The Weatherbond PRO system provides effective waterproofing and anti-carbonation properties as well.

The revolutionary paint’s campaign was launched today by Mr. Mahesh S. Anand – President,Mr. Mark Titus – Director Marketing and Mr M Nataraj – General Manager (TN Sales) at a press event.


Emphasizing the need for such a breakthrough product in the market, Mr. Mahesh S. Anand, President – Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division) commented, “We are excited to launch this new advertising campaign on Weatherbond PRO featuring next Gen actors Ashwin Kumar, Tanya Hope and of course the Weatherbond Blobby. With Weatherbond PRO, we wish to offer our customers a paint that can protect their home exteriors all year round to withstand extreme weather conditions. We have noticed that customers are increasingly aware of exterior paint’s role in not just beautification but also for protection from external elements. We are positive that the recovering markets combined with this advertising campaign will boost interest in the product amongst discerning homeowners. In addition, all of Nippon Paint’s products are green and eco-friendly.”


Talking about the brand campaign, Mr. Mark Titus, Director of Marketing – Nippon Paint (India) Private Limited (Decorative Division) said, With the advent of monsoon in Tamil Nadu, we expect a surge in demand for Weatherbond PRO as the paint addresses the various challenges faced by homeowners in maintaining their home exteriors. To accelerate awareness creation, we will be using a multi-platform approach to connect with consumers in Tamil Nadu including mass advertising, BTL and Digital programs, to reach out to several of our key stakeholders including consumers, painters, dealers, architects and engineers.”


Nippon Paint Weatherbond PRO is commercially available in the Tamil Nadu market through Nippon Paint’s select dealer partners. To learn more about Nippon’s Weatherbond PRO, visit


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