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Fantasy Island- Movie Review

Fantasies are lighter than feathers that rarely touch the soil of reality. Or, should we say logic, for that matter? And, if fantasies had logic then this film would have never been made or else it would have been notches down the viewing rung.

But Director Jeff Wadlow”s “Fantasy Island” is an exception, its concept is what holds the film in good stead.

Fantasy Island is a remote tropical resort in the South Pacific. It has a certain magical power that makes the wishes of its visitors come true.

So at the very onset of the narrative, when a new batch of visitors alight from the aircraft, they are informed by the enigmatic Mr. Roarke (Michael Pena) the owner and administrator of Fantasy Island that, “Fantasy Island is where everything and anything is possible.” He refers to fulfilling the secret and ultimate desires of his lucky guests. He ensures that their dreams come true.

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