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Hostages- Movie Review

Sitting through the 10 artificially frenetic episodes of this thriller is a slog. Not because of any lack of tempo and tumult (both of which you will find aplenty), but because of a glaring absence of plausibility in the plot.

Adapted from an Israeli series, the desi avatar of this improbable thriller boasts of some strong performances. The power of the actors is considerably dimmed by the plot, which reads like the amateur attempt by a teenager to win the first prize at a school level literary competition.

There are way too many aberrations for this thriller about a well-appointed family held hostage to the thrilling.

The long-forgotten kitschy feature film “36 Ghante” could be the inspiration for this weak-kneed thriller, bolstered by the most absurd motivations for crime imagined for the screen in the longest time.

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