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Housefull 4- Movie Review

Give them some points for consistency. Maintaining the same low IQ over four films – and crafting it into a moneymaking franchise – is no small deal. By now, the makers of these “Housefull” films have chucked all notions of sensible storytelling and intelligent humor. Why bother? What matters is setting off a big bang hype before release, and the box-office math solves itself.

“Housefull 4” tries giving Bollywood’s much-flogged ‘punarjanam’ (reincarnation) formula a spoofy spin. The idea would seem quirky, to begin with. Unlike standard Bollywood reincarnation dramas, where the hero and heroine (and villain at most) get rebirth after an untimely death, “Housefull 4” merrily puts its entire cast on the Punarjanam bandwagon. Every single character is reborn.

Daft as the premise is, it sounds hilarious. The problem is, much like the “Housefull” films before, this sequel, too, doesn’t reveal any ambition of being remarkable in the quality of entertainment it fashions out of that premise.

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