CinemaMovie Review

Why campus diaries is literally the best thing on the internet right now?

Are you a college student and willing to watch a web series which should relate to your life? Then this web series is just made for you, specially engineering students. CAMPUS DIARIES is a roller coaster ride which is going to uncover your college/ university experiences moreover, this web series is free of cost, yes you read it right it is available in MX player for free.

Reasons you should watch Campus Diaries.
Mostly many of the youngsters started watching this web series because of Harsh Benniwal a renowned you-tuber, later on they developed an interest in the story line which showcased a huge spectrum of emotions, at times we all will feel that we have done or gone through the same situations. Excel university is just like every other college they have the same students who creates the same problems , at the end of the day you have a good laugh. It also indulges into the tough part of life as colleges show you a little trailer of how life’s are going to be after you go out in real world. The show have presented topics like depression, toxic love , friendship in the most sincere form. It gives an insight into love lessons and teaches that love is complicated and its not easy to carry relationships smoothly , there will be fights and sacrifices made not everything is going to be roses , Besides, these the characters played are so much real and raw that it will leave you with a heavy heart and hump in the throat giving you a mixed emotional feeling.
The series is spot on includes a comprehensive view of how a college life actually is or is going to be hence it is a must watch.