Bhogichi Bhaji- Recipe

‘Bhogichi Bhaji’ is a traditional winter recipe cooked all across Maharashtra on the day of ‘Bhogi’ which is a day prior to ‘Makar Sankranti.’ This dish celebrates the seasonal bounty of winter vegetables along with groundnuts and sesame seeds which provide the much needed warmth and nourishment to the body during winters. It is packed with all essential nutrients and vitamins from seasonal vegetables like red carrots, fresh green Chana (Chola/chickpea/harbhara), flat green beans (Val Papdi) and Ber (Indian Jujube).

As the sun commences its journey northward (Uttarayan), the harvest festival of’ Makar Sankranti’ (also known as ‘Lohri ‘ ,’Pongal’ in different parts of India) is celebrated. ‘Bhogichi bhaji’ recipe is being passed from generation to generation and is an integral part of this festive celebration.

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