Can coffee and berry make a good combination?

Coffee is a common beverage consumed by Indians on a daily basis famous for boosting metabolism and a perfect start for the day, yet people are enthusiast enough to find out the right way to consume it and enhance its taste. Coffee is something which needs to be infused with a perfection of strong flavor and smell. Coming to Berries, its a winter special pulpy and juicy fruit which is free from stone or pit.
In this article we are going to see the unusual recipe of coffee and berry.
Fresh Berries- 1 cup
Coffee- 2 tbsp.
Milk-1 cup
Honey- 1tbsp
Fresh Cream- 3tbsp
Milk powder- 1 tbsp.
Ice cubes – 4
Firstly, in a large mug add the berries and with a help of a fork crush them until it releases its juice.
Secondly, in a mixie jar add milk, honey milk powder and churn them well. Now add coffee and fresh cream into a different cup and mix them well until the coffee is in a whipped texture.
Thirdly, pour the milk mixture over whipped coffee and give it a good mix and slowly pour the entire mixture on the crushed berries and add 4 ice cubes. With a help of a straw stir it well and Tada! You are good to consume this super new Co-Berry which is high in antioxidants and rich in dietary fibers and breaking the stereotype coffee intakes.