Nothing can make it better

Kids these days are under increasing pressure, and they all react it in different ways. Some children act up loud or throw tantrums, whereas some develop physical symptoms. some may end up turning to drugs or doing self harm. Parents need to realize that if a kid is acting loud, it isn’t necessarily just a stage or hormonal change
One major reason of kids being stressed out is due to academics stress. In competitive era, there’s always the pressure to be on track that will lead to success and then there is a trickle down effect. Parents themselves are under stress. Both often need to work these days. The parents come home exhausted and stressed out the kids aren’t getting the nurturing the need. Researchers also see a link between vast home growth and rising stress levels. Parents are spending money on expensive home only to find themselves faced with longer commutes which places more of a strain on free time and increases stress. In some cases kids also have to cope with family breakdown in addition to the stress of having the family unit broken up these children also need to deal with ongoing issues such as different sets of rules and may also internalize their parents conflict.
Sometimes it may be necessary to seek expert advice to treat kids stress. Parents can first educate themselves by doing research then schedule a consultation with their pediatrician. Anger, increased aggression and slipping grades can sometimes be a sign of depression in kids, kids may even injure himself deliberately. Kids who hurt themselves do so because it’s a way to release their emotions. It is a major cry for help. substance abuse can signal that something’s amiss. Ironically developing a more serious problems like drug use can be a way for kids to divert parents attention from other issues. Be aware of changes in your child’s behavior that concern you, your little attention can save your child from huge problems.