Can your skin care regime fall under 1000 bucks without compromising on the quality of the products used? Check out to find out

To build a good skin care routine your products don’t need to be expensive in order to be effective and neither does your skincare routine need to be exhaustive. Adopting a simple 3 step approach that includes cleansing/ facewash, moisturizing and protecting your skin with Spf. These 3 steps can keep you away from unnecessary expenses and will keep your skin healthy at the same time. Lets check out the product, prices and its effectiveness further.


Step 1- Cetaphil face wash; It costs only 290 rupees and is a gentle skin cleanser ideal for normal to dry skin. This will also work well for dry, acne prone skin and is a cult favorite. It gently exfoliates and gives a clean texture on the face.
Step 2- Emolene moisturizer: This is yet another often recommended by doctors to keep the skin hydrated which costs only 250 rupees. It is suitable for all skin types, having no fragrance and makes the skin soft and supple considering its full of humectants and urea, that aids barrier strength.
Step 3- Be minimalist spf sunscreen- This is one of the most purchased product recently , it costs 389/- rupees and have a marvelous impact on skin over time. This has a non sticky formula and prevents the skin from getting tanned, it gives zero white cast and improves skin radiance.
Thus, you do not need any fancy products to keep your skin on a priority checklist all you need is 1000 bucks and a lot of consistency to see the results over time.