Healthy South Indian food for breakfast

As we are staying under a lockdown, it may be difficult to procure all items required for your weight loss diet. Staying home has also made all of us lazy and often feel the urge to have something instant for breakfast, instead of making a meal. Here are South Indian food options you can have for breakfast, which will be ready in minutes if you prepare in advance.

Breakfast is a very important food for every day. It helps to keep us fuller and gives us the energy to take on the day. However, it is important to ensure that the breakfast you eat is more healthy. Since most of us are working from home and we may fall into the trap of waking up and picking up our laptops to log in immediately and have something unhealthy food, packaged or readymade for breakfast. However, there are some food options that you can make easily and quickly, which are also healthy.

South Indian food is known to be tasty and healthy and is also easy to make if you prepare for them in advance. Here are some healthy South Indian dishes you can make for breakfast and stay healthy.

Idly – Idlis are known as one of the healthiest breakfasts around the world. Make with a batter of lentils and rice and they are low on calories, filling, and tasty. Idlis are made by steaming, which makes your food is oil-free.

Dosa – Making plain dosa is extremely easy and when you do so, make sure you have to use very less oil to keep the fat content low.

Uttapam – Uttapams are made with the same batter as Idlis but the consistency of the batter is thicker. We can add some chopped vegetables like onions, capsicum, tomato to add more nutrition, flavor, and fiber content to the breakfast.

Appam – Appams are similar to dosas, and can be made it easily and quickly. They are also low in calories and a perfect breakfast option when we had with chutney and sambar.