Home cleaning on Diwali great way to spend time with family

In a time-strapped 21st century, millenials are struggling to find time with their families. However a majority of Indians feel that home cleaning on Diwali is a great way to spend time with family, says a survey conducted by Urbanclap.

The survey was conducted in across 8 major cities – Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and Ahmedabad between the age group of 22-34 years and covered more than 5,000 consumers.

The survey states that home cleaning on Diwali not only creates nostalgia but is also a great way to spend time with family with 68 per cent of respondents feel that pre-festival home cleaning is the best time to spend with family.

Also for many, Pre-Diwali is an exciting time with 55 per cent of the respondents looking forward to food, new clothes and home decoration. Also 30 per cent of consumers look forward to Diwali Ki Safai as this practice of pre-festival is an integral tradition for many households in India.

However, modern lifestyle and time constraint does not make Diwali house cleaning a fun task. Almost 31 per cent of the respondents feel that Diwali cleaning turns into a hectic or a chaotic day. Among the survey respondents, 42 per cent have the fear of dust allergy, 26 per cent of them fear losing a weekend and equate this feeling of being on a house arrest.

Outsourcing to professionals for home cleaning is also a new found tradition with the new age Indians with 68 per cent of consumers between the age of 20-35 are willing to hire professional help, while only 46 per cent over the age of 35 feel no need to outsource.

Gender comparison highlights that close to 65 per cent of women are more likely to outsource this yearly task while 40 per cent of the men would prefer to keep the house cleaning a family tradition and will not opt to hire professional help.

Commenting on the findings of the survey, Abhiraj Bhal, Co-Founder, Urbanclap said, “Today Pre-Diwali cleaning by professional help is on the rise. The survey saw participation of almost 60% from cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. With as high as 68 per cent of respondents willing to pay reasonably for the task.

“Flagging off our #DiwaliKiSafai campaign with the survey results – it is interesting to find that this annual event is not just a part of a household chore but it also has an emotional quotient attached to it.”

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