How to nail the festive look

With the festive season comes the time to put your best foot forward with trendiest clothes and smart accessorizes. However it is important to keep in mind few basic points before you go out shopping.

Couture designer Dolly J and jewellery designer Varuna D Jani share some festive trends to look effortlessly stylish.

* The fashion trend for this festive season is fusion, like clubbing the ethnic and contemporary elements together. One can opt for formal shirts tucked inside an embroidered lehenga or a kurta dress paired with a long jacket. When it comes to jewellery, accessorize with statement pieces to complete the look. The trend is to wear one showstopper earring or bracelet that highlights the ensemble and makes one stand out from everyone else.

* When it comes to the colour, shades like wine, maroon, mauve, scarlet and fuchsia are the hot trends. While ice-blue, blush and mint green also work wonders from the pastel collection. Jewellery this season is all about multi coloured gemstones in shades like lilac, amethyst, pinks, aquamarines. Colours like these are fresh, trending and compliment any outfit.

* A person’s body structure and balance is very important when it comes to selecting the jewellery. The jewellery one wears should not overpower their physique, someone petite should not pick an over the top jewellery and should instead wear medium size pieces.

People with long neck look beautiful in a choker and a necklace close to chest works best for people with mannequin chest. Jewellery reflects the identity of a person and it should match the their personality, style, thinking and body proportion. When it comes to clothes, A-line dresses work the best for all body types. Waist cuts should be avoided by people with broader waistline. While flowy dresses are suitable for someone with larger body frames, sheath outfits work best for petite ones.

* Women generally go wrong with silhouettes and colours they choose while selecting the outfit. First is the appropriateness of the outfit according to the occasion. One should wear outfit that goes well with the event and then pick something that suits their body type.

It is very important for a women to stand apart from their individual personality and create an identity through the clothes and jewellery they wear. When it comes to jewellery, it’s more about style and uniqueness.

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