How to make your office time lively, fun

Your office is your second home, so make sure you are doing things right to make it a fun and lively experience. Experts suggest how.

Nakul Mathur, Managing Director of Avanta Business Center and Vinay Singh, Co-founder and Advisor of Hunt Offices, list ways that can make life just a little easier and to keep the creative energy pumping at the workplace.

* Remove the clutter: Cleaning your workspace and organising your documents helps workflow immensely. With everything clean and organised, nothing else can you do but focus. You have to take out clutter from your life completely. Clean your house, your car, your wardrobe, do the dishes or clear the extras in your fridge. It’s not as scary as you might think.

* Take short breaks: It’s smarter to work highly focused for a short span of time, with short breaks in between, than to be partially focused for a long span of time. Consider it a run, rather than a marathon. You can drive yourself to your limits for shorter time frames, so long as you have a clear stopping point. And after a rest, you can run again.

* Put that phone away: Okay, give a thought about it: How many hours do you spend on your phone each day? Probably more than you would like to concede even to yourself. Now that we feel terrible about ourselves, there is an answer, mark a change, and stop wasting your time playing any favorite game of yours.

When our phones are constantly humming, they don’t let us monotask on the mind-boggling problems we have to deal with-undoing any creativity before it gets done. So put that thing into airplane mode-so that you can really fly.

* Keep calm and use fresh herbs: You can normally see your co-workers eating really stinky lunches and leaving the leftovers on their desks for days. It’s obvious that your first reaction would spray down the entire bottle of air freshener. But what if you take the natural route instead. Step into your local garden store or supermarket and pick up some fresh herbs such as rosemary, basil, mint, and lavender. The awesome part is that you can put them in your tea.

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