Trends for women to rock this Diwali

With Diwali around the corner, it’s that time of the year when women would come out in all their finery to celebrate the festival of lights with fervour, so why not ace up your look by wearing traditional dresses with a twist?

Suneet Kharbanda, Designing Head and Co- Founder of Lakshita and Meena Bindra, Designing Head and Founder of BIBA list some tips.

* Plazzos, skirts! The flavor of the season: They give a dazzling effect to your entire ensemble. Palazzos are available in various fabrics so you can make a choice from a wide variety. Versatile garments like a simple kurta paired with a palazzo or flared skirt can be styled differently by accessorizing creatively with oxidized jewellery or layered neck pieces and bracelets to spice up the look and make a chic fashion statement or to rock any social gathering this festive season.

* Dazzle in prints: Instead of shimmery and glitters, wear muted colour prints either on a bold colour base or just some added embellishment on the floral. Red and pink as a colour are an all-time favourite for any Indian celebration. Anyone can fall in love with these kurtis, one can carry them and pair it with a golden jhumka to feel really royal!

* Be confident! be comfortable! be you: Your wardrobe should have essentials to make the experience special. Traditional dresses have always been a hit during this festival because they are timeless. Be it ethnic or non-ethnic, simple or bold fashion quotes itself only if it brings comfort. Women are becoming more conscious about the kind of fabric they wear. Being aware of what’s in vogue, you must also make sure that you feel comfortable and are able to confidently carry yourself!

* Experiment with cuts and colors: It is important to select a garment that is versatile enough to allow experimentation whilst compatible with the type of occasion. This season, elaborate styles like ruffles, flares, capes, statement sleeves and print-on-print fashion are a rage.

* Go minimalist: Minimalist lightweight garments are trending this festive season. Minimalism is the key trend as it allows room for innovations in terms of experimentation with statement jewelry that enhances the overall look of an ensemble as opposed to heavy embroidered garments that are not so easy to carry for all festivities.

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