No gains without pains

It is true that nothing is achieved without efforts. No one can hope to get anything if one continues to sit at home idly. No one is going to feed you if you do not earn you living. No one is going to look after you if you do not look after yourself. It is a sin to sit idle and expect miracles to happen. Miracles do not happen. Those who make efforts can hope to achieve anything in life. Some of them may fail to achieve their desired aim or goal in life, but they are not the loser in any sense. They are happy and feel blessed in making efforts. They know that hard work is its Own reward. They are certainly better than those who make no efforts and hope for success. In fact, the history is replete with examples of great men who achieved desired successes through sincere efforts and action. The story if King Bruce and the spider is well known. Looking at the failed attempts of the spider and its ultimate success, the king got encouraged. He won the desired victory after a prolonged hard-work. In our freedom struggle our national leaders put in sincere efforts and made supreme sacrifices. They were ultimately successful in their aim. They did Not think of personal hardship. They did not fear the consequences. They suffered and won. There is not doubt that there are some people who succeed without pulling in any efforts. Some people become rich because of a windfall or inheritance. Some may achieve material success through unfair means. They become bad models for the youth. What our young men and women need to realize is that hard work is its own reward. A success based on hard work is always lasting and satisfying. A success achieved by sheer luck or by fraud provides no pleasure or satisfaction.