Autumn – The season

Autumn or the fall is the season of beauty, vivid colours, fruits and blossoms. Autumn has been glorified by Indian and foreign poets alike”. Ode to Autumn “ by John Keats and “Autumn” by Kalidasa are great examples of the autumn season. The autumn season starts in mid of September and occurs up to month of November. This season brings with it misty weather and lots of mellow sunshine. It seems as if the sun, just like the year, id coming to an end and has slowed down its pace, and become and more gentle. Autumn is the season for the ripening of fruits, the blossoms of flowers, and the harvesting of the rice crop. Everything around us changed colours, turning into yellow or orange. This season may not portray the conventional beauty with greenery all around and trees laden with leaves but it is a season which does teach us to admire what God has bestowed upon us. It is also the season of the changing of the colour of tree leaves. The green leaves shed their brightness and turn into ochre. Dullness prevails over them. It is because of this that autumn has many times also been compared to old age. Life in autumn slows down, comes to a more relaxed pace, just like lethargy overtakes a person in his old age. This season is also used as indication of sadness or misery because of the falling leaves of trees. Its slowly changing times, which brings new leaves and vanishes old ones clearly indicates phases of life, where we face ups and down and still have hopes that this difficult time too shall pass and happiness will come in our lives. Many poets used this season in their poems to refer and give beam of light of hope foe those who are struggling with darkness of misery. This season also teaches us to be strong.