Twist your taste to coco-caramel latte which is appetizing and quick to make

Now lattes are getting more attention recently as it is a part of coffee beverage inspired by Italian origin, it is generally served with steamed milk and espresso which taste’s divine. Talking about the coconut we all are fond of it as it is very creamy and thick. Mostly consumed staple food and drink of South. The procedure of adding the caramel to the latte makes it the talk of the town as caramel sauce gives more rich taste when replaced with sugar.

So lets start with the recipe:

Strongly brewed coffee- 2tbs
coconut milk- 1 cup
Caramel sauce- 2 tsp.
coconut powder- 1 tbsp.

Start by heating the coconut milk and caramel sauce in a pan and let it simmer for 3-5 minutes. By the time coconut milk heats up you can prepare your espresso by beating it up with a little water until its in a whipped like texture.
After the frothing is done you can pour the espresso into the coffee mug and pour the heated mixture on top of it and sprinkle the coconut powder on top of it and here is another delicious addition in your morning beverages.
Try this hot scrumptious drink and you will always end up making every other day for yourself.