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Accused’s Parents Apologize and Seek Strict Punishment

In a gesture of remorse, the parents of the accused in the murder case of Neha Hiremath have publicly apologized to the people of Karnataka and the victim’s family. Fayaz’s mother, Mamtaz, a teacher, expressed deep shock over the incident and demanded strict punishment for her son in accordance with the law. She emphasized that what her son had done was completely wrong and a great injustice to Neha and her family.

Mamtaz revealed that her son had left home five days before the incident, stating that he was tired of being idle and planned to find a job. She acknowledged that her son and Neha were not only good friends but also in love, adding that it was not a one-sided affection. Similarly, Fayaz’s father, Babasaheb Subani, also apologized for his son’s heinous act, expressing the need for severe punishment to deter others from committing similar crimes. The parents’ remorse comes amid protests across Karnataka demanding capital punishment for the accused.