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Alarming Surge in Juvenile Crimes Linked to Gang Recruitment

Communities across the country are grappling with a disturbing rise in juvenile crimes, and law enforcement agencies are attributing this trend to the increasing influence of gangs, both local and international. Recent statistics highlight a significant uptick in criminal activities involving minors, encompassing offenses ranging from petty theft to more serious crimes like assaults, extortion, and drug-related activities.

Gangs are exploiting vulnerabilities among youth, leveraging peer pressure, socio-economic challenges, and a lack of positive role models. Law enforcement efforts are now intensifying to dismantle these networks, recognizing the allure of quick money and a sense of belonging that draws young individuals into organized crime.

The recent bust of extortion modules involving notorious gangs reveals an international network actively luring juveniles for gang activities and underscores the urgent need for comprehensive measures to curb juvenile crime in the country.