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Attempted ATM Theft in Telangana’s Nizamabad District

Burglars made an audacious attempt to steal an ATM machine in Telangana’s Nizamabad district, specifically targeting a Union Bank ATM in Anksapur village of Velpur Mandal on Monday night. Initially, they tried to extract cash by breaking the ATM machine but were unsuccessful. Undeterred, they decided to uproot the entire machine in an attempt to take it away.

However, their efforts were foiled when alert locals spotted them transferring the machine to a tractor belonging to the gram panchayat. The villagers raised an alarm, prompting the burglars to abandon the machine and tractor and flee the scene. Law enforcement swiftly responded to the incident and deployed a dog squad to gather vital clues.

This marks the latest incident in a series of ATM theft attempts in the district, including one in Pochampad around 15 days ago and a similar attempt in Bheemgal Mandal on the previous Sunday.