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Tamil Nadu Intensifies Border Checks to Curb Ration Rice Smuggling to Kerala

The Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies department has launched a rigorous crackdown at the state’s border with Kerala to deter the smuggling of ration rice. A specialized unit within the Civil Supplies Department, the CID wing, is conducting thorough inspections at border areas and rural routes to curb the illicit movement of ration rice into Kerala.

Reportedly, 13 border points between the two states, including locations like Walayar, Velanthavalam, Anaimalai, Anaikatti, Nadupuni, Valparai, Meenakshipuram, Gopalapuram, and Muthukavundanur, have been fortified with checkpoints. Surprise checks are also being conducted at the residences of individuals previously arrested for rice smuggling. The crackdown has resulted in over 200 arrests and approximately 270 cases filed related to ration rice smuggling.

Habitual offenders among those arrested have been charged under the Goonda Act and incarcerated. Vulnerable areas like Walayar, Velanthavalam, and Meenakshipuram, bordering Coimbatore, are now under intensified surveillance to thwart rice smuggling activities. So far, around 150 vehicles involved in the smuggling have been confiscated, and roughly 150 tonnes of rice have been seized. Smugglers typically purchase rice at Tamil Nadu’s subsidized rates and then transport it to Kerala via unmonitored routes, where it can be sold at higher prices.