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Bangladesh Links Found in Kolkata Child Trafficking Racket

Kolkata Police have uncovered connections to Bangladesh in a city-based child trafficking racket involving around 100 people and a vast network of agents. During the interrogation of Mamata Patra, one of the main accused, it was revealed that newborns procured through surrogate mothers were not only being sold within West Bengal but also to childless couples in Bangladesh.

Patra and her associate, Swapna Sardar, developed an agent network in Bangladesh to facilitate the transactions. The police are now investigating the number of children trafficked to Bangladesh in this process. They have also identified links to two IVF specialists in Kolkata, who will be questioned in connection with the case. The IVF center in Anandapur acted as a major hub in this trafficking operation.

The police are also exploring the possibility of the racket extending to other states in India. The investigation into the racket was triggered when Rupali Mondal was arrested for attempting to sell her child, leading to the apprehension of several other individuals involved in child trafficking, including a couple who sold their own child for money to buy alcohol.