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Woman Killed After Confrontation with Boyfriend Over Engagement

In a tragic incident on the outskirts of Hyderabad, a 23-year-old woman, B. Prameela, lost her life after her boyfriend, Tirupati Naik, allegedly pushed her in front of a water tanker. The shocking incident occurred on Sunday when Prameela confronted Naik after discovering he had gotten engaged to another woman.

Naik initially claimed it was an accident, but police investigations revealed otherwise. Prameela, a native of Kamareddy district, had moved to Hyderabad for work after her husband’s death last year and was living with three other women in Bowrampet’s Indiramma Colony.

She had developed a friendship with Tirupati Naik, a car driver from the same district, and their relationship had turned into love. However, Prameela recently learned about Naik’s engagement with another woman, leading to the confrontation that tragically ended her life.