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Bangladeshi Woman Seeks Husband’s Return in Noida

Shortly after the controversy involving Pakistan national Seema Haider, another incident emerged as Sonia Akhtar, a woman from Bangladesh, arrived in India with her infant son to search for her Indian husband. Sonia claims that Saurav Kant Tiwari, a resident of Noida, married her in Bangladesh and fathered their son. After three years of marriage, Tiwari returned to India for important work, leaving Sonia and their son behind.

However, all contact was lost, prompting Sonia to travel to India with a visa. Upon her arrival, she was detained by Noida police and placed in a detention center. The Noida Police Commissionerate’s women’s cell attempted to mediate between the couple, but no resolution has been reached. Sonia insists that her husband either return to Bangladesh with her or she will stay with him in India, creating a situation of uncertainty for the Noida police.