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Brazil Police Raids Targeting Drug Gangs Leave 45 Dead

In a series of police raids aimed at drug gangs across three states in Brazil, at least 45 people have lost their lives, as reported by the media. The most recent operation occurred in Rio de Janeiro’s Complexo da Penha, where a shootout resulted in 10 deaths. Among the victims was a notorious drug trafficking kingpin, and four others were injured during the incident.

The operation was initiated based on intelligence information that indicated a gathering of drug traffic ringleaders in the area. The intensity of the situation led to the closure of schools around Complexo da Penha, affecting approximately 3,220 students. Rio de Janeiro, known for its high levels of violence, remains a challenging region in Brazil.

Meanwhile, in the north-eastern state of Bahia, clashes between police and gang members resulted in fatalities in the cities of Salvador, Itatim, and Camacari. Seven people were killed in Camacari on July 28, while Itatim reported eight fatalities during violent clashes on Sunday. The situation highlights the ongoing challenges authorities face in combatting drug-related violence in Brazil.