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Chennai Corporation and Metro Rail authorities work together to prevent flooding near project sites

The Chennai Corporation has collaborated with the Metro Rail authorities to prevent flooding near project sites. In response to concerns raised by Councillors, the civic body has undertaken a study to assess the impact of Metro Rail construction on the city’s storm-water drains.

Recognizing the importance of maintaining proper drainage systems, Corporation officials have committed to restoring the drains and canals near the Metro Rail project sites. The collaboration aims to address any potential issues that could arise due to the construction activities and ensure the smooth flow of water during heavy rainfall.

By working together, the Chennai Corporation and Metro Rail authorities are taking proactive measures to mitigate flooding risks and safeguard the surrounding areas. This collaborative effort demonstrates the commitment of both entities to prioritize the well-being and safety of the city’s residents.

Through regular monitoring and maintenance, they aim to minimize any disruptions caused by the ongoing Metro Rail project and maintain effective drainage systems in the vicinity.