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Greater Chennai Traffic Police conducted awareness about the road safety rules

The Greater Chennai Traffic Police recently conducted a crackdown on violations of road safety rules near schools. Recognizing the importance of ensuring the safety of school children, the traffic police took proactive measures to educate both school management and children about road safety.

They organized road safety education programs in over 255 schools across the city. The aim was to create awareness and promote responsible behavior among students and school authorities. The initiative emphasized the need for following traffic rules, wearing helmets, using pedestrian crossings, and avoiding reckless driving near school premises.

By engaging directly with schools, the traffic police aimed to cultivate a culture of road safety from an early age. The program served as a platform for interaction, dialogue, and knowledge sharing, enabling the traffic police to address concerns and provide guidance on road safety. Through such initiatives, the Greater Chennai Traffic Police are actively working towards making the roads safer for school children and promoting a culture of responsible driving in the city.