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Chennai Corporation Cracks Down on Illegal Digital Advertising Structures

The Chennai Corporation has identified over 1000 illegal hoardings and LED digital advertising boards without licenses on the premises of large commercial establishments in the city. Concerned about the potential risk posed to residents during the north-east monsoon, especially during cyclones, the civic body has launched a drive to regulate and remove these structures as part of monsoon preparedness.

In response to the removal drive, a group of traders’ representatives visited Ripon Buildings to meet with senior officials, seeking more time to rectify the situation and obtain licenses. Tamil Nadu Vanigar Sangangalin Peramaippu president A.M. Vikramaraja mentioned that approximately 100 out of the estimated 1000 advertising boards have been removed, and while traders are willing to comply and obtain licenses, they emphasize the need for a streamlined process for quicker issuance. Residents, particularly in areas like T. Nagar, have voiced concerns about the safety of these structures, emphasizing the importance of regulation.