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Chennai Corporation Proposes Increased Fines for Owners of Stray Cattle

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) is planning to propose an increase in fines imposed on owners who allow their cattle to roam freely on the city’s roads, posing risks to road users. Currently, a penalty of ₹2,000 is collected from owners, with an additional ₹200 per day levied after impounding the animals until the owners retrieve them. The GCC has collected ₹62.90 lakh in fines this year and impounded 3,241 cows.

To address the issue of repeated offenders, the corporation is considering taking ownership of the cows and permanently relocating them to the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (Tanuvas) campus in Kattupakkam, where owners would not be allowed to reclaim the animals. Stray cattle have been causing safety concerns and injuries to residents, prompting this proposed action by the GCC.