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Chennai Launches Stray Dog Census and Vaccination Drive to Tackle Rising Population

In response to increasing complaints from city residents, the Greater Chennai Corporation’s Veterinary Public Health wing has initiated a comprehensive campaign to address the stray dog population. Commencing in Royapuram, the drive involves a census of street dogs and an extensive vaccination program, including anti-rabies shots.

The campaign, expected to span 120 days, kicked off with Commissioner J. Radhakrishnan overseeing the process, accompanied by health and veterinary officers, along with volunteers from Madras Veterinary College. Teams equipped with veterinarians, dog catchers, and assistants are deployed to identify and vaccinate stray dogs, with a daily target of approximately 910 dogs.

The Corporation estimates a potential increase of one lakh in the stray dog population, emphasizing the need for concerted efforts to manage and control their numbers. The last census in 2018 recorded 57,366 stray dogs, and the Corporation anticipates a 10% annual rise, reaching around 93,000 this year after completing the census.

Volunteers play a crucial role in capturing, vaccinating, and marking dogs to prevent duplicate vaccinations. Pregnant and lactating dogs are also included in the vaccination campaign, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to address the issue.