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Mystery Surrounds Mass Fish Deaths in Kapaleeswarar Temple Tank in Chennai

The Kapaleeswarar Temple’s tank in Mylapore, Chennai, witnessed a disturbing sight as thousands of dead fish were found floating on its waters, prompting temple staff and Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) workers to undertake a cleanup operation on Monday morning. This marks the second such incident in recent months, following a similar occurrence at the Sri Parthasarathy Perumal temple tank in Triplicane.

The dead fish, primarily small in size, raised concerns among local residents and shopkeepers, who reported a foul odor emanating from the tank. The GCC removed two vehicle loads of dead fish for safe disposal, while samples of the fish and water were collected for testing to determine the cause of the mass deaths.

Officials speculate that the deaths could be attributed to a lack of oxygen in the water or potential contamination, possibly from nearby garbage bins flowing into the tank during recent rains. The exact cause will be revealed after the test results are obtained.