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Chennai Residents Turn Volunteers in Cyclone Michaung’s Aftermath

In the aftermath of Cyclone Michaung, Chennai’s residents have once again displayed remarkable resilience and community spirit, exemplified by numerous volunteer efforts. Animal rescuers, armed with kayaks and boats, not only rescued people but also their furry companions. Shravan Krishnan, an animal rights activist, coordinated efforts in various areas, emphasizing the preparedness built over the years. This echoes the city’s previous response to the 2015 floods, where thousands of volunteers played a pivotal role.

Perambur’s Pauline David of Solomon Trust, despite her waterlogged locality, organized hot meals for the displaced. Volunteers, both online and offline, worked systematically to identify areas in need, using platforms like Volunteers for India. The structured approach extended to social media, where requests were amplified, and teams coordinated relief efforts.

Amidst challenges, dramatic moments, like rescuing a nine-month pregnant woman, highlighted the selflessness of these real-life heroes. As the city strives for normalcy, volunteers continue their crucial work, shifting focus from rescues to helping people rebuild their lives.