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Google Maps Aids Engineer in Recovering Stolen Phone

In a remarkable turn of events, an engineer successfully utilized Google Maps to trace and retrieve his father’s stolen mobile phone within a few hours. Palaniswami, a retired BSNL employee, had his phone stolen during a train journey from Nagercoil to Tiruchi. His son, P. Raj Bhagat, a civil engineer, immediately activated the ‘location sharing’ feature among family members, enabling him to track the phone’s movement.

Realizing that the thief was returning to Nagercoil on another train, Raj Bhagat and his friend promptly sought assistance from the Government Railway Police (GRP). Utilizing Google Maps, they confirmed the thief’s location and pursued him to the Nagercoil railway station, where they eventually apprehended him with the help of the public.

Despite the crowded surroundings, the accurate location provided by Google Maps facilitated the recovery of the stolen phone and bag, leading to the apprehension of the suspect by the local police. Raj Bhagat emphasized the significance of location sharing, acknowledging its crucial role in the successful retrieval of the stolen phone.