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Chennai’s Cooum River Faces Choking Weeds Due to Rain Deficit

The Cooum River in Chennai is grappling with stretches choked by aquatic vegetation, exacerbated by the rain deficit during this Northeast monsoon season. The decrease in river flow, attributed to the deficit, has allowed weeds from upstream portions to clog areas near causeways. Despite the Water Resources Department’s periodic cleaning efforts, certain urban stretches like Maduravoyal and Thiruverkadu remain heavily vegetated.

The department is employing machinery to clear the excess vegetation obstructing the river’s flow. Chennai district, experiencing a 28% rainfall shortage, and Tiruvallur district, facing a 44% deficit, highlight the impact of the rain scarcity.

Officials suggest that the proliferation of aquatic weeds signals sewage pollution, especially in urban areas lacking proper sewer infrastructure. Urgent measures, such as preventing sewage pollution and replacing causeways with high-level bridges, are deemed essential to mitigate this issue.