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Chennai’s ICCC Smart Governance Centre Awarded Platinum Certification for Green Initiatives

The Greater Chennai Corporation’s ICCC Smart Governance Centre has been honored with the Platinum Certification under the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green New Building Rating System. The award was presented to J. Radhakrishnan, Commissioner of Greater Chennai Corporation, during the Green Building Congress 2023, in the presence of Gurmit Singh Arora, National Chairman of IGBC, B. Thiagarajan, National Vice Chairman, and other council members.

Spanning 51,338 sq.ft., the ICCC Smart Governance Centre prioritizes eco-friendly practices, incorporating green construction materials and emphasizing biodiversity. Noteworthy water management measures, such as harvesting over 90% of peak rainfall and employing low-flow water fixtures along with a bio-based Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), have been implemented in this water-scarce region.

The center also boasts energy-efficient features, including insulated roofing, shading devices, occupancy and motion sensors, and a 131kWp installed solar PV system, contributing to 34% of the total annual energy consumption.