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College Student Kidnapped and Gang-Raped in Karnataka District

A harrowing incident unfolded in a Karnataka district as a college student became the victim of a kidnapping and gang rape. The survivor, a B.Com student, bravely filed a complaint with the Ballary Woman’s Police Station against four individuals. In response, the police have initiated a manhunt for the accused. The distressing ordeal began when one of the accused, claiming to be the victim’s brother, summoned her from an examination.

Subsequently, they coerced her into an auto-rickshaw and transported her to a hotel room located in Sanapura, Koppal district. It was there that they forcibly administered beer laced with drugs, causing the woman to lose consciousness, after which she was subjected to a gang rape. Following her regaining consciousness, she filed a complaint against the accused individuals, identified as Naveen, Saqeeb, Tanu, and another person. All four accused reside in Kaul Bazar, Ballary.