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Congress Criticizes PM Modi’s G7 Summit Trip as Image-Repairing Effort

Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s departure for Italy to attend the G7 Summit, Congress leader Jairam Ramesh criticized the visit as an attempt to “salvage his diminished international image.” Ramesh pointed out that the G7 Summit, originally comprising major industrial nations, has evolved over the years to include outreach sessions with emerging economies like India. He highlighted India’s significant participation in previous summits, particularly noting the 2007 summit in Germany where Dr. Manmohan Singh played a pivotal role in global climate change negotiations.

Ramesh contrasted Singh’s substantive contributions with what he described as Modi’s tendency towards “hollow self-boasts.” The Congress leader suggested that Modi’s participation in this year’s summit reflects a need to bolster his international stature amidst domestic and global challenges. Modi’s visit, accompanied by a high-level delegation, underscores India’s engagement on critical global issues such as the conflict in Ukraine and Gaza, expected to feature prominently in discussions at the summit.