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Controversial Claims Surrounding Imran Khan’s Marriage and Alleged Coercion

In a startling revelation, Khawar Farid Maneka, the former husband of Bushra Bibi, the current wife of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, has accused Khan of forcibly ending his 28-year-long marriage to expedite his union with Bushra. Maneka alleges that Imran Khan’s involvement in his household led to the breakdown of his marriage with Bushra, who later became a spiritual healer.

Maneka claims that he was coerced into divorcing Bushra, citing pressure from her friend Farhat Shahzadi and others. Moreover, he asserts that Bushra manipulated the divorce date to facilitate her marriage to Imran Khan. The controversy extends to the cleric who officiated their wedding, claiming it did not adhere to Islamic Shariah, prompting Imran Khan to request a second ceremony.

While some political analysts cast doubt on Maneka’s claims, linking them to ongoing corruption investigations involving him, Farah Gogi, and former Chief Minister Usman Buzdar, others question the circumstances surrounding Imran Khan’s marriage to Bushra.