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Counter-Terrorism Operation in Kalat: Two Terrorists Killed

Pakistani security forces carried out a successful counter-terrorism operation in the southwestern Kalat district, resulting in the elimination of two terrorists, as reported by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), the media wing of the Pakistan Army. The operation, based on intelligence, unfolded in the Nagao mountains of Kalat in Balochistan province, witnessing an intense exchange of fire between security forces and militants.

The two terrorists killed were reportedly actively involved in various terrorist activities, including attacks against security forces and the targeted killing of civilians. The military recovered a significant cache of arms, ammunition, and explosives from the site.

The ISPR emphasized the commencement of a clearance operation in the area to eradicate any remaining terrorist elements, reiterating the commitment of Pakistan’s Security Forces to thwart attempts at destabilizing peace, stability, and progress in Balochistan.