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Drainworks at 55 locations in Chennai will be completed in 45 days

The Municipal Administration Minister, Mr. Nehru, has stated that drain work at 55 locations along highways in Chennai will be completed within 45 days. He emphasized the need for various agencies to expedite infrastructure projects before the onset of the monsoon season. The Chennai Corporation is set to begin work on constructing 122 km of drains, which is estimated to cost around ₹620 crore.

These drain projects aim to improve the city’s drainage system and mitigate the impact of heavy rainfall during the monsoon. The completion of these infrastructure projects will enhance the city’s resilience to flooding and waterlogging. Efforts are being made to ensure timely completion and adherence to quality standards in the execution of these projects.

The government’s focus on improving Chennai’s drainage system demonstrates its commitment to safeguarding public safety and enhancing the city’s infrastructure. The projects will contribute to minimizing waterlogging and associated issues, thereby benefiting the residents and commuters. The government urges cooperation from the public during the construction period and encourages everyone to adhere to safety guidelines.